Strap 137

The Strap has been designed for stringing or upholster seats and outdoor furniture. Water resistant and gas solft hand feeling.

SKU: 0335002137 Category: Garden Design: Solid colors ID Color: 137

DOCRIL® Strap is a tape made with solution dyed acrylic yarns with a core of high tenacity polyester. It has been designed for stringing or upholster seats and outdoor furniture. Because of its fabric structure, DOCRIL® Strap has the property of resistance with low elasticity. For its finishing is water resistant and has soft hand feeling. For its composition in solution dyed acrylic, has unbeatable qualities regarding color fastness and weather resistance.

DOCRIL® Strap is manufactured in a wide range of solid colors with width of 20 mm, and 30 mm with multiple color stripes. DOCRIL® Strap allows to enjoy the comfort provided by a product with the highest performance, suitable for weather and UV resistant.

The furniture upholstered with this product combines contemporary design with ethnic style and the artisan tradition of stringing.

The elastic performance allows the strap to absorb energy through an elongation when applying a weight. This deformation remains constant even when maintaining the load. Thanks to the elasticity component, the strap recovers much from elongation when removing the weight, and continues reducing to it nearly zero.

Roll width

2 cm

Roll length

20 m, 50 m


12,3% Polyester High Tenacity, 87,7% Solution Dyed Acrylic



Resistance to surface wtting (Spray Test)


Oil repellency

min. 5

Colour fastness to artificial weathering

7-8 blue scale (8)

Colour fastness to light

7-8 blue scale (8)


Solid colors