Docril N 681

Waterproof fabric for marine and awning. 100% solution dyed acrylic for an unbeatable color fastness.

SKU: 355153681 Category: Docril N Design: Solid colors ID Color: 681

Intrinsic and long lasting colors. Docril N Fabrics are manufactured with solution dyed acrylic fibers. The solution-dyeing process incorporates the pigments into the molecules of the fiber, creating stronger bonds than the ones that would be achieved by dyeing the thread or the fabric. This means that the fabrics have very low vulnerability to the effects of UV rays, and we can guarantee the brightness and color fastening for many years.

Docril N fabrics are treated to resist staining from oil-based products, ensuring that splashes, dry stains and spills can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth, and dry stains can be brushed off easily. The official rating for the Oil Test is from a grade to a grade 6, the latter being the highest and which is achieved by our Docril N Fabrics.

The technical coating applied on the Docril N fabrics, provides a homogeneous color vision in both faces of the fabric without the without the “whitish” appearance on the coated layer.

The colors of Docril N fabrics come from bulk-dyed fibers, guaranteeing an intrinsic and lasting color which, according to current standards, is categorized as a 7-8 on the blue scale.

The Docril N ® fabrics have a finishing that prevents the growth of microorganisms (bacteria , fungi and algae ) that can affect the fabric in humid environments. It prevents from mold growing and functional fabric deterioration, maintaining good appearance of the fabric and increasing its durability. Docril N is AOZ free (absorbable organic halides ), it avoids the odor caused by the attack of microorganisms.

Roll width

153 cm


315 g/m2


100% Acrylic