We expand our offices in the factory premises


The new facilities have been designed for the wellbeing of the workers, helping to improve communication and collaboration between them.

At Citel we are in constant evolution and effort to satisfy any need of our clients. To face the new challenges and projects, we have expanded our workforce by 10% in the last year, but the working space in our offices become too small and cannot assume the increase of staff.

Citel Hall

That is why we have opened new facilities in our factory located in Masllorenç, Tarragona. The new offices currently have an innovative building of 300m2, 3 floors and a total of 12 rooms, it has become great and large working space. It has been designed specially to facilitate the work of its different departments; Production, Quality, Processes, Maintenance, HR, Purchasing and Factory Management. The new offices has been designed for the workers, with the goal of helping to improve the communication and collaboration with each other making the process easier and more confortable.

With this expansion in the offices, our factory area has now a total of 20,000m2, designed for the manufacture and development of new products as well as the daily work to better satisfy our customers needs.

Citel Meeting room

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