Citel is on the Social Media!


At Citel we want to be closer to our customers, that is why we have decided to join the social media so that you can get to know us better.

For Citel, know what you think is important, so your comments will help us grow as a company and be closer to our customers. And for those who still do not know us, social media will be our best showcase. We want to create a community of followers in which we hope to incorporate to our customers, friends, professionals of the sector, suppliers and all those who want to get to know us.

Citel is on the Social Media

You can now follow us on Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. We have opened new communication channels to be closer to our customers and to all those who are interested in the awning sector, sun protection, outdoor decoration, contract and design in general.

Visit our Linkedin page

Through LinkedIn you will find the latest news related to Citel, the textile and you may even find some job offer to work with us.
Follow us and share the most interesting news!

Visit our Pinterest page

In Pinterest , you can find a wide range of colors in trends. We currently have more than 20 boards with a total of more of 1,000 pins. We will inform and upload a new board for each one of the new trend colors.
Follow us and pin to the images you like best!

Visit our Twitter profile

Follow us on Twitter to see our daily activities, to know better which exhibitions we attend and in which we expose. Do not miss a single tweet and be up to date!
Follow us and retweet what you are most interested in!

Visit our Instagram page

If your are into pictures with a message this is your channel. In Instagram You will find images of our fabrics combined with landscapes, elements of decoration and famous quotes that define who we are and what we do.
Follow us and hit like if you like our pictures!

Visit our Google+ profile

Do you prefer the Google+? Don´t worry, we are also in it. You can find our news and publish them on your social networks without problems.
Follow us and broaden your information about us and what we do!

Join today our community!

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