Citel Issuu- Because we know that is going to come in handy


Have you ever face the situation where you are visiting a customer out of the office and haven´t show him the fabrics you are mentioning?

Now you can have all our catalogs and consult them whenever you want, on your phone, tablet or computer in a very easy way.
Built in HTML5, you will be able to check any catalog and fit in your screen regardless it is Android, iOs, Windows, Linux o Ubuntu. Just go to our Citel Channel in Issuu and follow us.

Citel in Issuu

There you will be able to consult online, offline and download the catalogs you need the most to have them handy at any time. You will also be able to send via email in an easy and practical way.
We haven´t forgot about your social media, just by clicking you will be able to post them and decide if you want to show the whole catalog, starting at a page or just posting one page.
This way you will be able to get to a larger public.

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