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  • Albis 300 CM 784
  • Albis 300 CM 785
  • Albis 300 CM 786
  • Albis 300 CM 787
  • Albis 300 CM 788
  • Andros 160 CM 413
  • Andros 160 CM 417
  • Andros 160 CM 464
  • Antibes 160 CM 774
  • Antibes 160 CM 775
  • Antibes 160 CM 776
  • Antibes 160 CM 777
  • Antibes 160 CM 778
  • Antibes 160 CM 779
  • Arles 160 CM 403
  • Arles 160 CM 405
Inherent Quality

The secret lies in the material: the DOCRIL® fabrics in this collection are made of a solution dyed acrylic fabric. Our dyeing process builds the pigments into the fibre molecule, creating bonds which are much more intimate or inherent than those achieved by dyeing the yarn or the fabric. This produces textiles that are highly UV resistant, allowing us to guarantee long-lasting and fade-proof colours.

Mould Resistant

The acrylic fibre added to the special finish of DOCRIL® textiles prevent mould from forming, rendering the fabrics rot-proof, unlike the cotton textiles traditionally used for such purposes.

Water and Dirt Repellent

The finish process includes a TEFLON® treatment to strengthen its water repellent features and rendering it dirt and stain proof. Moreover, it does not reduce its air permeability and is invisible, odourless and undetectable to the touch.

Softness and Strenght

Softness and st rength DOCRIL® fabrics in the CITELCONTRACT® OUTDOOR collection, thanks to their makeup and finishes, are soft to the touch, antipilling and abrasion-proof. We guarantee
colour fastness for five years. Our textiles are also easy to clean and maintain.

All CITELCONTRACT® OUTDOOR textiles score 7 and 8 in standard weatherproof colour fastness tests.