CITELCONTRACT® is a division within the CITEL industrial group, a family-run business specialising in technical fabrics for six generations since 1875. The group owns the DOCRIL® and SUNLESS® brands.
We are a vertically integrated textile company, covering the full range of processes, from spinning and weaving to finishes and logistics, which enables us to guarantee the overall quality of our products. Our corporate headquarters are in sabadell (Barcelona-spain) and our production plants are located in Tarragona.
Our engineers strive to improve the level of comfort and use of every textile developed by CITELCONTRACT®, ensuring colour fastness, flame retardance, soundproofing, bioactivity and solar radiation protection.
All CITEL fabrics are known for their inherent quality, arising from the actual inner structure of the material rather than from added finishes or protections.
Our production processes are IsO 9001 quality certified and our products have been awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate, the international textile industry safety and quality standard. Our high levels of quality enable us to offer up to ten-year product warranties.
The entire industrial activity of CITELCONTRACT® takes place in Europe, with the utmost respect for the environment, and the textiles are developed with a view to encouraging sustainability, energy savings and improved health of workers and users. CITEL exports its products to 50 different countries.

Integral Offering

For the first time ever, CITELCONTRACT® offers an integral collection of textiles in the Outdoor, screen and Interiors ranges to professionals seeking to harmonise outdoor and indoor solutions via a single unifying criterion, mainly in hotels and corporate buildings.
Our designers have refined our colour range and the contemporary look of our products in line with the latest architectural and décor trends in large projects. The combination of techniques, experience and creativity as well as our production flexibility, enable us to offer a personalised solution for each project.
The Contract Outdoor collection includes a broad range of UV protected and colourfast products, in solution-dyed acrylic fabric
for exterior upholstery, awnings and textile solutions for spas, swimming pools and outdoor areas.

The Contract Screen solution comprises a collection of technical fibreglass screens designed to provide an efficient and architecturally rigorous solution to solar protection and light management. It also includes an innovative line of technical fabrics for indoor/outdoor upholstery.
The Contract Interiors range is made up of exclusive selections of inherent fire retardant textiles, meeting the strictest technical criteria while offering an appealing look and feel.
All textiles are adapted and standardised to current legislation in force.

We Save Energy

In recent years there has been a significant increase in energy consumption and gas emission. Almost 50% of energy is used to heat and cool buildings. The use of fibreglass blinds or screens has helped to reduce the maximum temperature of a hotel room between 5 and 15ºC. The installation of an “acrylic solution” awning or parasol canopy allows for a reduction of between 7 and 10ºC of the temperature at the hottest times of the day. Therefore, by regulating the effect of solar radiation and using technical sun protection textiles with mobility devices in interior and exterior design projects we are able to optimise energy consumption, saving on heating in winter and cooling in the summer, while also improving the comfort of our guests.

We Manage Light

Natural sunlight has proven to be the best source of wellbeing. Studies show its benefits in schools and offices. We also save energy by reducing artificial lighting, which can account for 35% of the energy cost in a commercial building. On the other hand, there are two needs which must unquestionably be met in a hotel room:
• The first, to fully darken the room so as to allow for sleep even in daylight hours, which can be achieved by using fire retardant or fibreglass black-out fabrics;
• The second, to protect privacy while allowing natural light to flow in. A fine or net curtain provides a transparent and natural solution. A screen textile allows us to accurately decide the light to be allowed in to avoid glare and provide maximum visibility from within.

We Harmonise Décor

Since the origins of civilisation, fabrics play a dual role: practical and aesthetic. Fabric textures and colours affect our perception of a room. An interior architect may, using fabrics, interpret the life-script and sensations the hotel seeks to transmit to its guests. In this triple collection before you, our designers have used a harmonic palette of colours running through the three types of materials of our product family: “the acrylic solution” of outdoor textiles, the fibreglass screen fabrics and the fire-retardant Trevira for interior textiles. We thus blend the functional requirements of fabrics with the strictest technical standards and decorative harmony in rooms, outdoor decks, gardens and pools, adding to the architectural and visual integrity of indoor and outdoor spaces.